TheraBee Mission, Vision, Values and Inspirations


TheraBee crafts beautiful honey-based products that are distinct, valued and healthy for the body and for the planet. We inform people about bees, honey and their importance to our personal health and the health of our planet through education and a strong brand message. As a business we will operate responsibly and generate a profit to ensure the sustained viability of the brand, product availability for our customers and a healthy and rewarding culture for our team.


TheraBee will be recognized as an important resource for healthy and valuable products that are used by culinary enthusiasts (Culinary Honey & Tea) and those people who value the importance of products with inherently healthy attributes and benefits (All).


Honesty & Trust | We are honest with our customers, partners and through our brand messaging. We earn the trust of our customers every day through quality products and transparency about our practices and food sources.

Healthy is Better | We provide healthy food and healthy products based on natural ingredients and educate people on the importance of a healthy planet.

Sustainability | Sustainability means two things to us: 1.) We are a responsible business that operates in a way that actually improves the health of our planet. 2.) A business that is profitable and well-run will sustain its customers, employees and itself for the long term.

Respect for the Bees | We are bee stewards. We respect where honey, our source ingredient comes from, and the complex ecosystem the bees (and nature) operate in to make that happen. We, in turn, believe in sharing and engendering this respect through education and evangelism of bees and their importance in our lives.

Service | We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and listening to their input, ideas and stories. Be nice to people and you will be rewarded.


Paso Robles | We are fortunate to live in a community where we are surrounded by artisans, farmers, culinary enthusiasts and a population highly tuned to their environment and the importance of healthy, sustainable products. We live here, work here and draw an incredible amount of positive energy and ideas from our friends, partners and the community.

Patagonia | Sustainable values across every dimension of their organization, products and supply chain. Quality, purpose-built products.

Modern Farmer and Fast Company | Magazines and information resources that both exemplify a spirited and engaging way to convey information with a strong brand identity.

Marianne Griffeth and Prima Fleur | The founder and company which are “committed to the belief that mankind must not lose the precious little that is left of the wild and natural.” Prima Fleur believes that through their products, they can “… stimulate and reinforce the human relationship with nature.”

Old Ford Trucks | Our TheraBee company car is a 1966 Ford F250 Camper Special. It has character and beauty in its strength, simplicity and the quality of its manufacture. It is old, but beautiful and embodies a great deal of soul.

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