Save The Bee Project

The Lone Bee - Saving Bees from Colony Collapse

"Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better"

Bees are responsible for pollinating one in every three bites of food we consume. Sadly, they are dying due to pesticides, parasites, viral and fungal diseases, and malnutrition - which is jeopardizing our global food supply. It’s a crisis known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). As beekeepers, we are dedicated to raising healthy bees and want to ensure the worlds bee population is not destroyed. The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to the rise of Colony Collapse Disorder and how we can all help save our bees. Through the project, we are working with other beekeepers and subject matter experts to develop school and community programs that will bring attention to this calamity.

Bee Swarm Removal and Relocation

Swarming happens when a new queen is made and the old queen leaves with half the colony in search of a new home. If a swarm has found its way onto your property on the central coast, please contact a local beekeeper to help relocate the swarm to a safe and nurturing location.

You can find a list of local beekeepers by posting on the Central Coast Beekeepers Facebook Page.

If you live outside of the county, you can find a list of bee friendly swarm removal services within your state in the Bee Removal Source.

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