About TheraBee

TheraBee Natural BeekeepingIt's all about the bees...

TheraBee is a small family business dedicated to the survival of our honeybees and the pureness of our honey. We personally tend our hives, harvest, extract and bottle the honey by hand. We also help, support and purchase honey from other California beekeepers that honor the same values and philosophies as we do.

We are not migratory beekeepers or commercial pollinators. As journalist Hannah Nordhaus writes in her 2011 book, The Beekeeper’s Lament, Honeybees... “are the glue that holds our agricultural system together.” Or to put it another way, they are responsible for 1 out of every 3 mouthfuls of food you eat. Honeybees need honey to survive, so we are very careful to let them have all the honey they need.

Our parent company, Life Elements, was created for people that care about what they put in and on their bodies and stand behind every single product we create.  Rest assured and feel positive about the fact that our products are healthy, sustainable and good for you. The result is pure bee goodness!

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