Culinary Honey™

We let our imagination and the foodie inside of us go wild! TheraBee infused Culinary Honey is like no other on the market - not even those seen on Shark Tank. We’re talking unique, handcrafted flavors you've never seen or tasted before. 

TheraBee Culinary HoneyWe start each small batch by hand-pouring our pure, raw, unheated, unfiltered  Artisan Honey and adding only the finest, 100% natural culinary blossoms, organic herbs, spices and sun dried produce and fruits we can find. We never, ever boil our honey infusions or use starches, sugar, extracts, synthetic flavorings or essential oils!

Once all those natural ingredients are in the jar, we let mother nature do the rest. As the jars bathe in the warm, California sunshine, flavors are released, mingled and harmonized with the honey, giving it just the right amount of savory excitement your taste buds can handle. But it doesn't stop there... once the honey has had its time in the sun, we leave all the ingredients inside the jar - giving you a beautiful explosion of colors each time you open it.

TheraBee Culinary Honey

The results are some of the most delicious, interesting flavor combinations you'll find anywhere. Try them drizzled over cheese, fruit, ice cream, in salad dressings, sandwiches, marinades, over meats and yes, in your tea or lemonade. One taste and you'll know why TheraBee is rockin' the honey world!

(Crystallization is a natural occurrence of raw honey. It does not diminish any of its benefits, so you don't need to throw it away. Simply bring water to a boiling point in a pan and turn off heat. Place the jar in the hot water and allow to sit for a few minutes. This will help liquefy the honey without depleting any of the nutritional value.)

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