TheraBee Successfully Redefines Honey Based Products

Posted on October 17, 2013

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Sunset Savor The Central Coast proves a fertile launching pad for new company promoting healthy honeybees and producing handcrafted infused honey and a honey-based body care line

(Atascadero, CA – October 17, 2013)With worldwide attention focused on the plight of honeybees, TheraBee, a Central Coast California–based company successfully launched their product line based on pure, raw, unfiltered honey to the wide applause of consumers, chefs and retailers at this year’s Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast. TheraBee wowed the crowds with their uniquely, handcrafted infused honeys, Body Care, Tea and the surprisingly popular Honey Buzz Balls.

Real Bees and Real Honey are not the Norm

With the marketplace glutted by products based on artificial, synthetic and even harmful ingredients, TheraBee found a niche through its dedication to the care of their honeybees, the pureness of it's honey and the quality and healthiness of their body care products. According to the Founder and President, Martha Van Inwegen, “The use of pure, raw, unfiltered honey as part of the TheraBee infused honey and body care lines fit into the philosophy behind our products and the legacy of our parent company, Life Elements, which is to make products that are healthy and free of chemicals. Pure, raw honey and the associated materials bees use to sustain themselves, like propolis, royal jelly, pollen and beeswax are marvels of nature, with incredible health benefits for them, as well as for us. That’s why we’ve incorporated all these healthy ingredients in our body care products as well.”

Van Inwegen further added that since “…honeybees require honey to survive, we are careful not to take too much and let them have all the honey they need through the dry winter months. Therefore, we harvest just once a year, which can mean that we may not always have enough honey to sell or use in our products.” That said, TheraBee has teamed with other like-minded beekeepers to maintain a stock of raw honey to fulfill the growing orders of its product lines.

About TheraBee

TheraBee products are available at www.therabeehoney.com and selected retail outlets such as Justin Vineyards & Winery, Halter Ranch Vineyard, the General Store in Paso Robles, the Lincoln Market and Deli, New Frontiers and Assets Fitness Boutique in San Luis Obispo.

About Life Elements

Life Elements, Inc., is the creator of Action Wipes - all natural body wipes for when you can’t shower. It is a privately held company focused on developing healthy and sustainable products. Life Elements is headquartered in Atascadero, CA.


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Martha Van Inwegen

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