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TheraBee Honey RecipesThe concept is pretty simple. You post recipes using TheraBee Culinary Honey, and we’ll reward you with FREE honey. If you’re into honey and like to cook, bake or create in the kitchen (and maybe even enjoy the occasional cocktail) we would love to feature your recipe and give you all the credit!

How does it work?

You post a recipe on either our FaceBook page and/or your personal blog, Facebook page or website. We will copy the full recipe and post on the recipe section of the TheraBee website. Anything posted on our website will also credit back to your for the recipe creation. We will ship you (for free) a 3 oz jar of TheraBee Culinary Honey after we post 6 of your recipes and you’ll get a free 12 oz jar of honey after we post 12 recipes.

Recipe Format

Every day there are millions of searches online for recipes. Google has improved their recipe search to help you narrow down your search to find the best recipes. One way to improve your chances of a recipe being found is to format the recipe in a way that is easier for search engines to pick up. Please consider posting your recipe in the following format:

Photo: Include a photo of the final product. Here are some great tips on how to photograph food.

Ingredients: Usee separate line for each ingredient

    Directions:  Use separate line for each step

      Prep time: How long does it take to collect and put together the ingredients before cooking?

      Cook Time: How long does it take to cook the meal (if necessary)?

      If you are interested, here is a tutorial on how to put together an SEO friendly recipe as well as a couple of well-written recipes:

      8 Simple Steps to Creating a Well-Structured Recipe

      Lentil Soup

      Spiced Banana Rum Cupcakes

      If you have any questions, please send an email to therabee@lifeelements.com with “Recipes” in the subject line. Thank you and we look forward to your creations!

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