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TheraBee WelcomeHi, and welcome to TheraBee! First, thank you so much for your patience. We know many of you have been waiting a long time for us to develop a full site with the ability to purchase our honey and honey-based products on line.  Well, the wait is over!

We met many of you at the 2012 Earth Day festival in Paso Robles - since then, we have gone through a lot of changes and a lot of struggles. Back then, we were optimistic and full of hope that colony collapse would spare our hives. Unfortunately, we were hit hard and went from 62 hives that spring to 13 by the end of the year. That's a serious loss.

This year, we were able to bring our numbers up by capturing and relocating swarms from around the county through our free swarm removal service. In fact, the image you see here is of a colony that had taken residence in this old owl box in a neighborhood park. The box was put there many years ago and have had bees inhabiting it just as long. However, the straps that were holding the box to the tree were getting old, brittle and ready to break. Rather than have the box fall upon unsuspecting park visitors, we were asked to take it down and relocate it to a safe apiary. We did just that and today the colony continues to thrive. You can watch how we lowered the box from the tree in our YouTube Channel.

So we are once again optimistic as all of those hives have survived thus far and are looking very healthy.  We were able to harvest several gallons of honey in June and will now give the girls (yes, most all of the bees are girls) time to replenish and store more honey for their winter food supply.

We will be posting a lot of fun and informational content through this blog and our Save the Bee Project page. So sign up for our RSS feed and our newsletter. We promise we will not inundate you with weekly, or monthly newsletters - just quick notes about any special events, new product releases or sales every "once-in-a-while". We'd also appreciate if you would "like" us on Facebook and tell your friends about us.

Thank you and again, enjoy the site.

~ Curt & Martha Van Inwegen





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