Honey of the Month Club: January = Cinnamon Vanilla

Posted on January 06, 2015 | 0 comments

TheraBee Cinnamon Vanilla Culinary HoneyWe are kicking off 2015 with our most popular honey as the flavor of the month! Cinnamon has incredible healing and medicinal properties and has been used for centuries. Cinnamon was so highly prized among ancient nations that it was regarded as a gift fit for monarchs and even for a god. In ancient Egypt, it was even used to to help embalm the deceased by filling the body cavities of corpses.

As with many things involving Western vs Holistic medicine, there are a lot of conflicting claims about the medicinal value of medicine. On one hand, traditionalists point to the inconclusive "role cinnamon may play in improving health" where further discussions and long time practices of using cinnamon point to its anti-inflammatory and improved blood circulation properties.

We grind our own organic cinnamon and combine with real Madagascar  Vanilla beans which are shaved to add an additional flavor profile to the honey. Our Cinnamon Vanilla is the number one seller for us. It is incredibly decadent and is what we affectionately call a "Breakfast and Dessert" honey.  Start your morning by spreading it over some warm toast, biscuits or in your morning oatmeal. It is a great coffee honey, giving you a naturally sweet addition to your morning cup o’ joe....And no matter how fancy your dinner party is, you’ve got a simply elegant dessert by drizzling it over a nice vanilla ice cream or some of that leftover holiday pie. For this month's Honey of the Month Club members, we even include a fabulous cocktail to help celebrate the new year. Order now and enjoy!

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