Honey makes it to the Shark Tank

Posted on March 10, 2014 | 2 comments

Shark TankThe critically-acclaimed business-themed show, Shark Tank has created a lot of Shark Tank Success for food products. In the upcoming episode this Friday March 14 (Episode 516), we get to see some competition and awareness about culinary honey™, make it to the screen with an appearance by Henry Miller, a 16 year old entrepreneur and founder of Henry's Humdingers Honey. We don’t know the outcome of the show yet, but will be watching very closely. You might think that we would be nervous and/or question why would we be posting a blog about the competition. Well…its worked for us before.

Martha was invited to participate in the 1st season of Shark Tank way back in the early days of the show and just as Action Wipes was picking up steam. We thought about it long and hard but ultimately decided to pass based on the crazy contractual language that was required. In the meantime, another wipe company (Grease Monkey Wipes) was picked up and they got a deal with Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjevic. We always thought their success was great for raising awareness about the product, especially since the Action Wipes and Grease Monkey wipes were really for different applications. In the end, the competition heated up with more and more “natural body wipes” appearing on the market, but all it did was help to boost the awareness of the category and increase sales of Action Wipes that ultimately resulted in an exclusive partnership with leading fitness manufacturer Harbinger to promote, distribute and sell Action Wipes body wipes worldwide.

Like Action Wipes, we are very confident with our TheraBee brand and the business plan for the Culinary Honey, Body Care and TheraTea product lines. So, we’ll be watching Henry on Shark Tank and wish him well with his Henry’s Humdingers and get ready for the boost in awareness for the preservation of honey bees and the joys of culinary honey.

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  • Colleen

    Love it!!

  • Kendra @PortaPocketGal

    Amen Martha!! love your spirit and attitude. THAT is exactly what this world needs… more positive people just like YOU!! xoxoxo!


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